Utilising a 3PL allows you to take advantage of the economies of scale so that your fluctuating storage requirements are always manageable at the most cost effective levels possible. A ‘no-fixed rate’ approach means that you can have 1 to 10,000 pallet spaces as you require whilst maintaining reduced costs based on your usage. Providing a cost effective storage model is key to optimising profits and using a 3PL offers our customers the security of scalability for their growing operations

We offer a range of storage solutions including storage drawers, small item picking bays for smaller goods, double deep pallet spaces and up to 1.8m high bays for oversize inventory. This allows us to tailor the best storage solutions at the best possible prices for our clients based on the unique specifications of each individual product. We can cater for a wide range of product types

Our inventory management system allows us to provide accurate data on your current stock levels and order history and allows us to utilise functionality such as FIFO (First In First Out), Min/Max Replenishment, On Demand Replenishment, Batch Control and Serial Number Capture. Our advanced software enables IWS to capture the storage and inventory movements and provide it in an automated daily reporting suite which is included free of charge to all of our clients.

Our WMS has unique functionality that allows us to use bin location sequencing to locate your stock. This enables IWS to optimise the picking order, based on the customers individual requirements, and promote efficient and timely picking.

We perform regular cycle counts to ensure we are adhering to our 99.99% accuracy SLA. Our total quality approach to every aspect of your operation safeguards against unforseen inventory issues. At Independent Warehouse Solutions we understand that the customers inventory is the lifeblood of the business therefore any issues are identified early and rectified quickly.

IWS’s dedication to your inventory is paramount – our accuracy guarantee is at the cornerstone of every operational process.