At Independent Warehouse Solutions we understand that the key to successful distribution starts with a seamless receiving process that accommodates the timely unloading and accurate receipting of goods. Using our preferred method of RF technology, that we can implement for most customers, we can simplify this process. By using product specifications we can allow system based logic to promote the most efficient picking methodology, as well as the most cost effective storage solution. We can also utilise alternate receipting methods, whilst still maintaining the highest level of accuracy and stock integrity, for customers that are not able to take advantage of this technology.

We work closely with our clients to ensure we have accurate product data so we can configure inventory in our WMS (Warehouse Management System) to optimise the receipting/putaway process. Using a variety of functionalities including FIFO, Batch Control, volumetric requirements and location sequencing we are able to provide the most streamlined storage and picking solutions. This enables us to expedite the receipt of goods with a goal to have them available for sale within 30 minutes of receipt whilst ensuring there is no double handling and mitigating any risk of damage.

Our preference is to receive purchase orders via EDI integration prior to the physical arrival of the goods. By utilising this process we can use the data provided in advance to forecast the resources required to complete the process and avoid unnecessary manual data entry. The key to streamlining this process is the ability for IWS to have visibility of inbound deliveries so we can plan for their arrival and make preparations as required. This ensures that, via the RF receiving process, there are no product data discrepancies that will cause issues with your customers and potential delays during the despatch process.

We prefer to receive product data files and upload them to our system on a regular basis to ensure that at any given time we have the most up-to-date information available. This ensures that we can proactively resolve issues prior to receipt rather than dealing reactively during the receiving/despatch process. IWS has identified this as a common major cause of delay and has subsequently developed processes to eliminate this issue.

We also offer a suite of automated real time reports including live SOH (Stock On Hand) and despatch data reports that are available to our clients on request or via an automated process. This assists our customers with visibility of their account and allows them to monitor the operation.

We endeavour to exceed all expectations and this starts with the accurate and timely receipt of your goods.