Picking & Packing

IWS specialise in providing end-to-end order fulfilment solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on timely and accurate picking, packing and kitting utilising our dedicated RF Scan Pack capabilities that we deploy for our customers. RF Scan Packing mitigates the risk of error while significantly increasing productivity. It is the adoption of technology that enables IWS to reduce costs for our customers by eliminating manual processes

Through the customisation of our WMS to suit our customers individual and varied needs, the documentation of procedures (a ‘Champions Manual’) and the creation of challenging & meaningful SLA’s we are able to facilitate the efficient dispatch of your orders whilst maintaining 99.99% inventory accuracy.

We cross train all our staff in all our business units to ensure that our customers peaks can be handled and we can deploy staff onto other business units during the troughs. This enables IWS to be able to react quickly as required by our customers to ensure urgent requirements can be facilitated on short notice. The Champions Manual is key to IWS’s ability to achieve this flexibility

Our RF Scanning solution allows IWS to pick based on the customers unique requirements such as serial number or batch. Our bin location sequencing functionality enables the most efficient pick run throughout the facility and can be configured based on a variety of customer defined requirements.

We offer our own FMS (Freight Management System) that enables connote creation and end-to-end track and traceability or we can implement our customers FMS and create connotes on their behalf. We currently have most of the major transport partners picking up each day from our facility so organising a daily pick up is very easy

We currently provide picking and packing services for a range of different prestige brands and FMCG’s and our customers include all the major retailers in the Australian marketplace.