Packaging Solutions

Independent Warehouse Solutions strive to provide ongoing logistical solutions throughout the whole supply chain industry, including specialised packaging solutions for all requirements including kitting and unique dispatches.

 Our packaging division allows our clients to take full advantage of utilising Independent Warehouse Solutions as a ‘one stop shop’. This service provides a low cost, quick turnover with a range of packing supplies. This enables IWS to provide a full range of cost effective services for our clients with minimal impact on business activities.  We can facilitate any packaging needs from small day-to-day delivery requirements right up to customised packaging projects including Bulk Display Units and specialised kits/packs

We can provide the following products, but are not limited to:

Protective Package – Disposable Pallets for Distribution – Satchel Bags – Second Hand Cartons – Custom Branded Tapes & Cartons – Plastic Pallet Wrapping – Hardwood Pallets for Racking – Variety of Void Fill Products – Custom Sized Cartons – Plastic Pallet Wrapping – Plastic and Metal Strapping – Invoicing Slips

Working directly with Australia’s leading packaging manufacturers, we are able to offer some of the lowest prices on all packaging options. Our clients are able to capitalise on the variety of services that we offer, including project management, to ensure that there is no delay to our clients business when it comes to delivering packaging requirements.