Cross Docking / Drop Shipping

Independent Warehouse Solutions currently service a variety of clients with varied business models including drop-shipping and cross-docking. Our industry experience and expertise allow us to create ongoing cost effective solutions for all types clients based on their individual distribution profiles.

These types of fast moving distribution practices rely on speed to the marketplace that relate to a profile of products that need to be received, unloaded and redistributed without the requirement for storage. We offer our cross-dock clients a one week storage free period as we understand that the more profit our customers are able to generate translates into increased turnover which benefits both parties.

Drop-Shipping can vary in many ways, but usually consists of carton breakdowns from a bulk shipment requiring individual units to be sent to various locations using multiple transport companies and potentially a variety of logistical services.

Cross-Docking usually involves the receipt of stock via container, palletisation to a specific TI-HI and redelivery direct the customer in a short space of time. IWS has had extensive experience in enabling this type of solution for our customers and we are industry leaders in providing cross-dock solutions

IWS has the ideal staging area under our expansive 1500m2 awning to facilitate large drop-ship jobs and expedite turnaround same day. We also have the space in our yard to support up to 20 containers at a time to ensure we can meet all requirements

Cross-Dock/Drop-Ship goods usually require little or no storage as the goods are fast moving and are dispatched upon receipt. We endeavour to exceed our client’s expectations in the speedy receipt and turnover of these products to the end consumer, offering support and communication at every step along the way.